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>> 91 calls brought the police within minutes of the sprawling mall as big as two football fields inside. 22 year-old jacob roberts had just opened fire with a stolen assault rifle. >> i heard a shooter and the shots rang out. >> i heard all my gosh says sounds like a machine gun. >> they said he was dressed and a white hockey mask >> you could tell he was on a mission he had hardy made up his mind he was coming here to do some harm. >> he's great as many as 660 bullets into the packed crowd. >> some people were crying, some people did not even move because they were in such shock. >> the two dead were 55 year-old hospice care worker and a 45 year-old
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father of two. a third with victim was wounded watching a confusing scene. >> i have multiples showcasing and people walking around >> as many as 10,000 people were in the mall at the time of the shooting. >> a huge amount of people running in different directions. it was chaos. >> any one of them could be the killer. men, women, and children were told to keep their hands up as a was escorted out. a scan of the mall reveal the body of the killer who had apparently killed himself. >> we see up close picture of him right here and the people that knew jacob tyler roberts closest are stunned by this. he has been described as a person who is very love and popular. he was a 22 year-old who is planning to move to hawaii soon. those closest to him said he almost seemed numb.
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>> before yesterday the only thing remotely by let about jacob tyler roberts was that he liked shooting. he posted a picture of himself firing a gun at target. he recently stole a weapon. he terrorize the mall screaming i am the shooter. his girlfriend says she does not understand the situation and did not believe the suspect was him. he was planning to move to hawaii. he told her that he missed his flight to hawaii because he got drunk. the ex-girlfriend remind remembers him as a non- violent tight. his goal was to make you laugh, smile and feel comfortable. recently he said she said he seemed numb. this morning gordon rated this portland home believing this is where he
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lived just a couple of miles from the town center. former colleagues say he worked at a local sandwich shop before recently quitting. his facebook page but said he attended the local community college. >> today a friend of robert's mother gave a tv station the hand written note here. it says in part timmy roberts wishes to expanshe is very sad and wants everyone to know that what he did was so very out of his character. >> stay with kron4 as we continue to cover the mall shooting. there's no information on the case of two people were found bound and gagged in a san francisco neighborhood. one of the two was dead when
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the officers are ride and this is what the scene looked like on sunday night. today new court documents show that the man who died was shot in the neck after his hands were bound together. j.r. stone was in the court today with the suspects this afternoon. he is here with us now on this case. >> 4 of the five suspects that were talked about in this case were inside the courtroom. they pled not guilty to the charges. one of the female suspects not nicknamed pocahontas had a black eye and badly bruised cheek bones inside that courtroom. the judge did allow our cameras inside but we did not show any of the four suspects. two were women and two were men. three of the four suspects are charged with mort murder, one accessory to murder. it is believe that the new the two victims and went to their house looking to c the male victim who died had his hands bound, then he was shot and the neck. the
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female victim who was still alive was gagged with a sock and down by her hands and legs. the district attorney did not give the motive here but did speak about the suspects. >> this is clearly very brutal. the bounding and gagging and shooting the individual and the neck. the female victim was severely beaten. they were dumped in the streets. they were trying to send a message to someone else. this is early in the investigation. >> one of the suspects tyler miller is set to be in court this friday. we're in the early stages of this case. >> the district attorney did not have a motive? >> the quick answer is no. a more extended answer is he was asked was this a prostitution case? is this a human trafficking case? they are looking at all possibilities. are bay gang
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members because we have nicknames like pocahontas and snow? >> how many of the suspects are women? >> two of the suspects are women. there was another woman involved in this case and the charges against her have been dropped. >> he has been a no show at several hearings in recent months but the man who police say killed 15 year- old morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar did appear in court today. after more than six months in the county's jails some court observers were surprised by changes in his appearance. on the left of your screen as his is a suspect after his arrest last may. on the right and slender see a thorez today. the close cropped hair has now been drawn out and the goatee is gone replaced by a full mustache. kron4 as rob fladeboe tells you what happened in court today and he has reaction from those still searching for sierra lamar. >> wearing a brown tunic
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over red jumpsuit and hang up at the waist and slender steel doors entered no plea but in a brief but polite exchange with george the judge jerome nadler garcia's thorez wages right to a speedy preliminary hearing. after the hearing supporters of sierra lamar expressed frustration with delays in the proceedings and her family is eager for closer. >> you don't get used to it that you can learn to go on. you keep thinking of her and keep her in our mind and keep going. >> i don't think about him as much but he has what we need to bring closer to it. that is where my curiosity lies. >> he also faces new charges in connection with the alleged attempted kidnappings of several women prior to seeresses appearance. alvarez was still searches for sierra lamar every saturday says it's time for test garcia thorez to give her up.
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>> i think he knows exactly where she's at. i wish he would tell us where she is so we can bring her home. >> prosecutors have decided to try him on murder and attempted kidnapping charges together. he'll return to court for a plea hearing february 6th. >> after years of legal wrangling in oakland >> i just love with the number as in he is an attorney representing the more than 100 citizen suits should be loosened the oakland police apartment 2000 accusing officers known as the writers for making false arrest and planting phony evidence. the lawsuit started all this. burris says he's pleased with the judge's acceptance of the compliance director. he says this allows the federal judge to have more control over the police department. the compliance director will have the power to demote or
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fire the police chief. this person also said an action plan for carrying out several reforms including the reduction of incidents of unnecessary force and racial profiling, and improving investigations of citizen complaints. attorney john burris says the difference between federal receivership and compliance director is that a receiver could hire and fire anyone. in this case the compliance director's powers to impose discipline is the and limited to the command staff of the police department. the compliance the bart directors also can't spend money as freely as a receiver. the director will have to get approval from a judge to spend money. both sides, meaning the city of oakland, and the attorneys representing the citizens in the original lawsuit have been ordered by the judge to submit their recommendations for candidates for the position by december 21st. >> we are taking a look at video from earlier today in
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pacifica were against the waves crashing against the wall there. we had high tide out there today not only affecting pacifica but also mill valley. very similar conditions for tomorrow and on friday. high tide tomorrow is going to be about 1030 and friday about 1130. this may cause some problems as we head into the next couple of days. right now you can see a live shot from the san mateo bridge where we have partly cloudy conditions. we evincing a mix of sun and clouds out there today as rain has moved through the bay area. rainfall totals of the last 24 hours is about one-third of an inch of rain in san jose. under 2 tenths of an answer rain in sunnyvale in oakland. a 10th of an inch of rain in santa rosa. right now conditions are mainly dry and there are a few light showers off shore. we could see a little bit of light rain into the evening. we can city to see this
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body pattern out off shore which indicates instability. showers and take off in lake tahoe as well. temperthis storm brought a blast of cool air and temperatures will cool off in a hurry. timber is a widespread in the 30's as we head into tomorrow morning. i will talk about cold and and a chance of rain in my next report coming up. >> gov. jerry brown's office released a statement today saying the california governor is being treated for prostate cancer. the 74 year-old is undergoing radiation treatment. doctors at the university of california's and princess will say the cancer is in its early stages. it is being treated with a short course of conventional radio therapy. they called the governor's prognosis excellent. united states moving closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff while lawmakers are seemingly playing the blame game on capitol hill. what they reach a deal in time to avoid possible financial
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disaster? we will talk about that tonight at 530 with our political analyst michael yankee. >> too heavy to be president? that is the question are walters and have for the new jersey gov. chris christi, his response later tonight. >> today's tech headlines coming up i am gabe slate. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death.
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so-called king tide is showing up from the bay area and is causing some trouble for drivers. basically king tides are really just high tides. this is not the right video we are showing. they are really just high tides followed by the movement of the earth and the sun and moon. there is video we will show you from redwood city near the marina there. kron4 is dan carmen is live in the southern marin county area where the king tides pact and even heavier points today. >> i'm at the hands and the park and ride. typically you don't want to park here when the store is coming when the tank king tide lifts you can see the sign saying don't park in certain spots and a lot. it is too late for some of these cars that had to deal with water all the way up to the trunk. drivers heading north on highway 1 01 in marin county found the exit closed on wednesday for
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good reason. the king tide flooded out the area underneath the freeway. they admitted and passable or virtually impassable for most vehicles. nearby at the manzanita parking ride the king tides and water have with the backs of many cars. >> the back is flooded so the tide came up and caught all this. it got through the bottom of the door. it did not come in the back but it soaked and. >> paul herrmann was out of town and his friends parked his car here not knowing what was coming. >> high tides over 7 ft. and this happens. my friends are not surfers so they had no idea. >> they are warning people were not the part of the area were harrimans car was is still available. >> i think i'm going to buy another car anyway, something higher. >> i had water still right here >> at this christmas tree lots the water came up as high as the base of this reindeer. the trees remain
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dry. >> two years ago i was here at this lot and we had a very high tide. i was on the island for two days. >> offers a and a christmas trees storms and tied the just a normal day of work. >> i was there two weeks ago and is armed and had to bring down lights and then i thought ok bring it on. >> quite the attitude i have to tell you. water has receded and things are ok and as lot now. the worst is yet to come. it is expected tomorrow morning. >> when there is a so-called king tide is usually followed by a really low tide. take a look at this video in every borough which showed up within the last hour. we will talk more about the king tide tonight at 6:00. >> the rain has largely tapered off there this afternoon. there's still a
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slight possibility of a wayward shots or to. we have mostly clear skies right now. that will lead to very cold conditions overnight. unlike the last war we had cloudy conditions of the overnight hours the clear skies will lead to a little bit more fog formation. temperatures will be very cold out there tomorrow morning, and the 30's nearly everywhere around the bay area. friday and other chilly start to the day and rain returns to the forecast in the afternoon. by saturday we of the dry morning and store but the rain returns that evening. satellite and radar shows we have a few showers going up through lake tahoe. a little bit of snow was still flying as well. locals hours have been very hit or miss out there today. it will remain that way. spotty cloud patterns off shore indicate instabilities we still have a chance of a wayward shots or to. into the evening our next shower is way off shore. we have one day of warm dry weather before this hits. the lows
5:19 pm
as i mentioned very cold tomorrow morning. 29 and napa 33 in fairfield and 33 in livermore. definitely give yourself some extra time. defroster windshield tomorrow morning before you head to work. we are likely going to have crossed tomorrow. high temperatures, we will not want that much. low 60s for the bay area. pretty much a chilly day all around. the rain will not return until friday so tomorrow all dry. friday morning will stay dry for much of the morning. the afternoon rain will approach the coast line and the 2 3:00 hour. it will start to spread the the rest of the bay area. the extended forecast shows that will not be our last shot of rain. it will right into the weekend. tomorrow will be dry but very cold. friday another chilly start to the day but increasing clouds as the rain approaches in the afternoon on saturday into sunday. another round of rain monday and tuesday and possible showers into wednesday. a very active wet
5:20 pm
weather pattern for the next several bay. >> today's date is 12/12/12 we will be back.
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>> barbara walters interview governor chris chris d. please see there. barbara walters did her most fascinating people of the year special and governor chris christie was one of them. barbara walters admitted she was uncomfortable addressing what she called the elephant in the room. chris christie address the rumor that he is to overweight to become president. he was a contender in 2012. he said the question is ridiculous as to whether or not he is
5:24 pm
to overweight to be president. he proved especially during hurricane sandy that he was up to the job working 18 hour days getting up and doing it again the next day. people are kron4 facebook page are sounding off on this one. some believe he has to wait over way to become president, some say it does not matter. one woman said i have a thyroid problem but i can research circles around a couple of skinny cows i know. someone also mentioned the former president taft was also overweight. join you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. am i coming up at 530 < three weeks to go can lawmakers avert a potential potential disaster? north korea launches a satellite the united states says the launch is really a cover for something much more dangerous. the news is next.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news the longer the white house will watch this discussion, the closer our economy gets to the fiscal cliff and more at american jobs are placed in jeopardy. >> republicans are just the lane. belaying, delaying, playing and that is not responsible. >> that is the blame game in washington as the u.s. moves closer the falling off the fiscal cliff. you deserve from gop house speaker john baker and the democratic minority minority leader nancy pelosi. right now lawmakers have less than three weeks to reach a budget deal. if they don't most experts agree, the results could be disastrous for the american economy. the possibility of severe spending cuts there with a big jump in taxes for
5:32 pm
everyone. joining us to write down all this is michael yaqui. democrats won increase taxes on high- income earners and republicans want spending cuts >> it is basically the election and that is why everyone saying that the president had a mandate to make this change. he made very clear in this campaign that is what he wants to do. the american people and all the polls right now so that they support the president's plan. >> president obama has been very firm on tax cuts for the reds routedwhich. he did wie election you think he has an edge in these discussions? >> right now this is between the grand bargain which is putting everything on the table, spending cuts revenue of the whole kit and caboodle that fell apart last summer or something that just kicks the can down the road. right now as we inch closer towards christmas kick the can
5:33 pm
becomes a more attractive option. >> the people around the country kicking the can does not sound like a good option. they want people to get this done and it does not sound like they're taking this seriously in washington. >> the question is whether they tried to get done? they're trying to avoid the social and economic shock to the market. >> they set up this fiscal cliff >> there are actually two fiscal cliff. there is the actual big budget cuts and the debt ceiling increase that comes in february. that is where all of this leverage is coming from. it is an inside baseball game that americans don't care about. all they care about is, is my 401k going to be going down the tubes on january 1st? >> there is a chance that it could they don't get this together by the end of the year. >> there is a chance of the markets will react negatively to nobel. >> as of now talk still happening democratic silent
5:34 pm
majority leader harry reid is unhappy with outgoing. he compared the back-and-forth of the peanuts comic strip, where charlie brown keeps trying to kick a football legend the way before he can kick it. let's listen to this >> we are not going to fall for that again. the american people are not going to be under the illusion that beat republicans are sometime in the future, going to come up with revenue. the airline to come up with raising rates or, madam president, we are going or the cliff. >> of the so-called political fever is not entertaining to the american public. i hope - they are trying to figure out the blame game and i think they are all to blame. >> at this is not just is there going to be a deal but are there going to be enough votes to be a deal? banner has problems with his party on the right as they don't want the tax rates to go up.
5:35 pm
>> both sides are in it. the other side doesn't have the right approach. the gop as saying that about the democrats and vice versa. they are running out of time. >> they are definitely waiting till the last minute. >> if you like to connect with michael yaqui you could follow him on twitter and has handled is at yankee block the federal reserve announced today it is expanding its controversy allston was program in efforts to keep long-term interest rates on record lows. to accomplish that the fed's plan on buying $45 billion in treasury and $45 billion in mortgage-backed securities each month. the chairman ben bernanke says concern over the fiscal cliff has prompted him to keep the federal funds rate low. he states the central bank believes the crisis will be resolved without any major long-term harm. we will check on the market and get today's winners and losers on wall street from our financial experts rob black tonight at 545.
5:36 pm
the fiscal cliff is not the only concern in washington today. north korea has carried out the wants of what it claims is a peaceful scientific satellite. the u.s. and other countries say it was really a cover for testing ballistic missile technology. >> the effective date will launch this missile is clear provocation and. they have been warned not to do it. we are very concerned about them firing dismissal. they are violating an international standard rule. it is clear that one of the reasons we are rebalancing is the dealing with the threat from north korea. we are prepared to do that. we will respond if we have to. >> the launch came as a surprise to the international community after north korea and the launch would be delayed. previous attempts in 2006
5:37 pm
and 2009 failed. in nassau for founder john mcafee is out of prison and back in miami. the entire is fire near was an immigration detention in guatemala. he is in hiding for weeks in guatemala after the tories been believes or seeking to question him on the killing of his neighbor. mcafee insisted he had nothing to do with the neighbors killing and he was seeking asylum in guatemala to avoid police persecution. the guatemalan authorities rejected his bid for asylum and arrested him on accusations of entering the country illegally. a large explosion happened outside the interior ministry in damascus syria. according to syrian state television they claim the ministry was the target. this is video showing the damage of the ministry building. stadia saying it was a result of a car bomb that killed and wounded an unspecified number of people. the opposition local coordination committees of syria said government warplanes struck at targets
5:38 pm
in the suburbs of the baskets as rebels and government forces clashed nationwide. >> the rain has largely come to an end and we're seeing mostly clear skies for the bay area. a live look at the san mateo bridge and you can see the cloud cover in the distance. we have a chance of a couple of isolated showers out there. you can see the spotty cloud pattern near the coast line. this is where we're seeing cloud cover right now. this will continue into the later evening hours. it could still pick up a spotty showers are too near the coast. near tahoe we are seeing snow winding down now. it will continue for a couple more hours but is expected to taper off into tomorrow. the storm brought a blast of cold air with it with temperatures in the 40's and '50's are on the bay area. the sun is going down and temperatures are going to cool off in a hurry. we will see very cool conditions overnight. areas of profs are expected as well as fog and are morning. temperatures will be cool tomorrow but we will see
5:39 pm
mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. our extended forecast rain is expected to return friday and saturday. we will look at that coming up in just a bit. >> time for the attack for a report with gabe slate. >> yahoo is making big moves to compete against google and facebook. they have completely rebuilt yalow e- mail from the ground up for all platforms for mobile and web. the house who e-mail is getting positive reviews. faster clean air act much more into it is and user friendly. and i bomb flicker at packed with a ton of new features and new photo editing options. facebook as changes privacy controls making it easier to control who sees what. new controls built into your time line will help you quickly determine who can view your photos commons and other information about you that appears on different parts of the web site. the controls also make it easier
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to request any objectionable follows the of you that our feature be removed. the new privacy shortcut in the top right-hand corner of facebook provides quick access to key controls such as allowing users to manage who can contact them and blocked specific people if desired. the pope sent his first tweet and instantly get a million dollars. the 85 year-old religious leader used an apple ipad is in the tweet. his assistance tides and out but he hit the send button. he said their friends i am pleased to be in touch with you third twitter, thank you for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart. this week has already been agreed to we did over 4700 times. the first time a mobile app is being turned into a movie, the angry birds is being turned into a movie. three d computer-generated
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feature film will debut in mid 2016. were all thinking it but i will just say it. really? hollywood this is the best you can come up with? we will be back.
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for today's market for the most part slumping. after investors reassessed the federal reserve's latest plans to stimulate the economy. as we mentioned the fed announced it would be extending its on purchasing program and low interest rate policy. on wall street today the lot dow lost three points after gaining as much as 81 points earlier in the day. the nasdaq also fell eight points. the s&p 500 gained a little more than half a point. >> watching winners and losers with rob black and wal-mart is a loser because of it >> 75% of wal-mart's
5:45 pm
customers not know the term fiscal cliff. post-election, pre-election is 25%. it does not seem like the right type of survey out there. a large portion of american consumers know about the fiscal cliff and is cutting down their spending. >> the u.s. solar industry is being battered in recent years. j.p. morgan coming out with a warning for one so the company >> yes stop first solar. j.p. morgan saying don't buy. this is the next $300 stock that fell. so there is a great story but it needs government subsidies to be cost effective. there is way too much capacity out there. declining demand in europe. as berkeley this is not a good time to buy.
5:46 pm
>> we have the mayan calendar reset coming up on the 21st. we're talking about the end of the world and tci friday's is really happy december 21st is on a friday. >> a lot of restaurants are. they're doing a lot of $180 meals. some are doing a final feast and handing out sunglasses to customers. it is a great way to get people and. it is happening on a friday. it will almost be like a many holiday. fourth of july, valentine's day people want to spend money. people will spend money because it is a my and holiday. restaurants are great at marketing towards it. >> it the world does not end and there is a 2013 baseball season the dodgers will have a lot of money. >> baseball costs seem to be going up. the hundred and $47 million for 3.8 era lifetime? i don't get it. that is all about the money
5:47 pm
so i don't need to get it. they will have an opening day payroll that will beat the yankees in 2000 a record. 208 million. the dodgers will have a budget of 220 + million dollars. this is due to tv. they have a relationship with tiny border 60 hundred million dollars over the next five years. >> also the oakland athletics, they have a luxury tax. >> the loser here is you and i people with cable tv. >> you can catch rob black on the kron4 morning is most mornings as well as i 247 bay area news channel comcast 193. >> the rain has largely come to an end around the bay area this evening but we will still see more rain in the next few days. tomorrow we will be dry by friday and saturday rain returns. friday evening we will see rain and saturday late evening hours. tomorrow mostly clear skies out there through the afternoon. in
5:48 pm
the morning we will have fog and frost and really cold temperatures. satellite and radar picture shows fog the cloud patterns still near the coast line. it is possible we will see we were shower to into the evening. otherwise mostly dry and clear up in the sierra we are seeing some lingering snow flurries. that will taper off and more on the seer in just a moment. a wider view of satellite and radar shows body clouds hovering still off shore but we have another system that is well off shore moving and for friday. this will have friday afternoon. we have one friday tomorrow but temperatures will be very cold throughout the day, especially in the morning. 29 and napa up 30¢ and rows of 37 for samoset fell 33 in fairfield 32 livermore 38 in san jose. oakland is also sitting at 37 degrees. we'll be waking up to cross around the bay area. there also be fog so give yourself extra time to defroster windshield tomorrow morning. into the
5:49 pm
afternoon, not recovering all that well. low 60s all over the bay area. as for the sierra, the roads are looking good now but you can see the snow on the side of the road. we're still seeing snow from satellite and radar now. into the evening the snow is expected to diminish into the 11:00 hour. some lingering flurries but tomorrow morning the snow will be to bring off. we will see partly cloudy conditions in the sierra for tomorrow. this year forecast a the next few days we have a chance of snow early tomorrow morning. partly cloudy conditions into the afternoon in the same thing for friday and saturday. temperatures will be in the 30's into the weekend. extended forecast of the weak and very cold tomorrow. rain returns friday afternoon and another chance of rain saturday into sunday. temperatures stay cold all the while especially over the next couple of days. snow on ski
5:50 pm
report has news note to talk about. it is still flying at this hour. at tahoe half a flood of new snow, sugar bowl to the 4 in. of snow depending on if you're at the base or the summit. norstar at tahoe nearly a foot of new snow at the summit. if you want information on the ski reports just log on to snowbound .com.
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caroline best of livermore is celebrating her daughter kinnon's work day to day. when she is born of heroes of go all the numbers add up in anticipation of this day. caroline and her husband jim want to be at her school at 12 minutes past noon to mark the moment. >> she was born at 12:12 p.m. at regional hospital. >> this is a little overwhelming today. she will
5:54 pm
look back on all that and it will be a great experience. >> the bird day experience will no doubt become a part of the families lore. the favor waitering in the new year is with kron4. the biggest party and spectacular fireworks will be part of the show hosted by catherine heenan gary radnich.
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tonight at 6:00 arrest made in the murder of a 17 year- old football player, two years after his death. plus a high speed chains a loss and less. we will show you the dramatic ending as a suspect abandoned his car and tries to out run police. coming up at 6. >> live look at our roof cam from downtown san francisco. clear sky tonight and i will lead to very low
5:58 pm
temperatures. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news this is clearly very brutal and what it looks like to us is that they knew each other. this was not a random act. >> the district attorney speaking out about the case were to be were bound and gagged bag and left alive i san francisco street. the man who was left died. the woman is still alive and in the hospital. five suspects were arrested and for those suspects were in court today. >> i was in that courtroom today and all four of those suspects loudly said not guilty. one of them had a black and route blue eye and a bruised cheek. this makes you wonder how all this went down. >> with all the abounding in the gagging and shooting
6:01 pm
someone in the neck. >> they're talking about the details of the crime which have been described as brutal. the man a woman both found lying in the street. the man with a fatal gunshot wound. for the five suspects were in court today, two were men and two were men. those the suspects were charged with murder, one accessory to murder. the client says this attorney says a client is innocent. authorities believe the suspect went to the victim's house looking to kill. according to the the eight male victim who died had his hand down and then he was shot in the neck. the female was still alive was gagged with the sock and then bound by her hands and legs. the motive at this point is unclear. the female vote >> the female victim who
6:02 pm
survived was very badly beaten. they're trying to send a message to someone else early in the investigation. >> we talked to four of the five suspects in court. the other side suspect tyler miller will be in court on friday. >> there was initial confusion as to how many suspects were about, what was that about? >> all these people were taken in for questioning and the charges were dropped against the female. i have the arrest documents here and in the documents crystal glaspie also known as snow. these people have lots of aliases on the street and i ask the district attorney are we talking about gang members? he said at this point they are just looking into the possibility. >> a lot more to come out on this case. sierra lamar his body has not been found but the man accused of her murder was in court today. he once again
6:03 pm
answered no formal police on the charges he kidnapped and murdered the morgan hill team last spring. the 21 year-old garcia thorez has been held without bail since his arrest in may when investigators discovered dna evidence in his car. after the hearing lamar family supporters and those still searching for sierra lamar, garcia thorez to give her up in a closer to her family. >> i don't know what he did and i will never be sure of what he did. i know he is connected and he needs to talk. he needs to tell with this connection is. he is the only one who knows how involved the is. >> the you think he knows where she is? >> i believe he does. if he does not over location did he knows who does know. he knows something and he needs to start talking. >> garcia thorez also faces new charges in the alleged
6:04 pm
kidnapping and attempted kidnapping of several other women prior to the lamar kidnapping. you will be in court next month. >> an oakland >> the city of oakland release a statement on the judge's approval bringing in a compliance director. saying " with a side order we look forward to continued an enhanced collaboration with the court and accelerating our compliance with the tasks that remain " an attorney and push hard for the compliance director tells me he's pleased with the judge's order. john burris says this allows federal judge to have more control over the police department. this person also said an action plan first carry out several reforms.
6:05 pm
also improving investigations of citizen complaints. john burris says the difference between eight receivership and compliance director is that a receiver can hire and fire anyone. in this case the compliance director is ours is limited to the command staff of the police department. the compliance of armor also cannot spend money without approval. both sides meaning the city of oakland and the attorneys representing the ccitizens in the original lawsuit have to submit their recommendations by december 21st. >> running a private business inside the city hall in east bay city. that is what an employee is alleging in a complaint filed with multiple agencies including the contra costa county d.a.'s office. the
6:06 pm
complaint is filed several months ago and now employs land was so publicly. decided to speak on camera about the situation for the first time to kron4 is a zeke man down. >> we are looking at the city hall address where the human resources but department phone number with her business name, little luxuries. it is ridiculous! the public should be outraged! i am outraged! i'm being shot a web site which says perot is the city manager is abusing city resources to run an office on line party favor business. she is filing criminal and civil complaints alleging misuse of public resources. >> you are looking at what some of the progress employees would make at one time. >> these are now part of the investigation into the
6:07 pm
allegation. she says these products are packaged inside richmond city hall. >> i watched the employees make these and they look like cupcakes. i think that is amazing but not on city time. this is a city hall office in the human- resources department where they store some of the material for the products that are being sold. >> she was asked by night to take part in the operation. >> did you do that? >> no! i absolutely refuse. i did not know what the legal but i knew was wrong and he let the and ethical. this as a going on about four years. >> we spoke with lesley nights at boss bill lindsay the city manager of richmond and he talked about what he is doing in light of these allegations against night. >> i know about the allegation that we take allegations like this very seriously. we retained out sign third-party
6:08 pm
investigators look into the matter. we are handling it as a personnel matter, we are waiting for the results of the investigation. >> kron4 went to city hall to get night's allied reaction to these allegations and left several bomb messages but she was not available. three people were arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of 17 year old former football staff at start just this afoa. he was stabbed in the deaths years ago near the intersection of cedar boulevard and first street and it worked. police snored police that after a lengthy investigation ever arrested 19 year-old daniel daniel guzman 31 year-old daniel howard and 32 year- old rafael toll are on suspicion of murder. investigators obtained the best until the suspects with
6:09 pm
knowledge of all was their intended target. these are really just high tides caused by the pull of the monk. dan carmen is live and marin county where it was also causing trouble for drivers. i am at the park and ride the area where you want to abide avoid during storms as well as high tide. here is a video from earlier today. taking a look you can see the water and flooding came so high in this parking lot that came up to the back of the trunks of the cars. we talked to one man and he said his car was flooded. luckily he was able to drive away. others and not been able to drive away and it is expected to get worse tomorrow. >> at love in the back seat here. >> ag after the bottom of the door.
6:10 pm
>> any time there is high tide over 7 ft.. my friends are not surfers so they had no idea. they left the car here expecting it to be dry for me when i got back but, no. >> northbound 1 01 exit to stinson beach is also closed because of flooding under the freeway. all of that has subsided at this point but there is no way anyone was going anywhere earlier today. as i mentioned earlier those king tides are expected to be worse tomorrow morning. you'll really want to be careful and pay attention to where you park. make sure you're not parking anywhere below sea level. >> as you heard them say the tides are expected to be worse tomorrow around 1030. friday at 1130 will be high tide. the flooding had nothing to do with the rain we saw today which had
6:11 pm
subsided. dry conditions throughout the bay area this hour. a larger view picture of satellite and radar shows fog the clouds are continuing out off shore. we could see words hours off the coastline in the next several hours. dry tomorrow and into the lake tahoe region stopped showers and snow showers are winding down as our as well. this brought a blast of cold weather with it and temperatures were in the lower '50s for the most part. temperatures will be cooling off in a hurry in the overnight hours. it will be very cold tomorrow morning and we will see areas of frost and fog. give yourself about five to 10 extra minutes tomorrow morning to defroster windshield. in the afternoon sunny skies and told school temperatures. sunny skies will return tomorrow and the friday and we will talk about that more and a bit. >> also coming up new details of a portland oregon
6:12 pm
mall shooting and three people are dead. what we now know about the gunman. a suspected armed robbery takes place on a wild ride through los angeles streets. also cleared of the jurors brought on several inches of fresh snow at heavenly snow resort. we will have details and your full weather forecast coming up. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
>> we are learning more information about the shooter who opened fire inside a mall near portland oregon last night. investigators say a 22 year- old white male with a still a semiautomatic rifle killed two people and injured one more before shooting himself. families met has more on the unfolding investigation. >> the gun and made even the 1.4 million square feet clapping as town center mall feel too small. thousands of people tried to escape. >> all i heard was and the shooter and shots rang out. by six shots. >> we had time to stop and say what is that noise? and realize all my gosh that's a gun! >> investigators say the gun and was 22 year-old jacob roberts. wearing a hockey mask shooting an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle they say he had stolen tuesday from someone he knew. they don't know yet how many rounds he fired. the bullets killed two people a 54 year-old
6:16 pm
cindy yoli and 45 girls stephen foreside a father to the coast use boards. a third victim christinas and then go is still in hospital. the county sheriff calls it a heartbreaking tragedy at ads >> we need to all be very people that this incident was not worse. >> one reason he says law enforcers were on the scene with one minute after the first 911 calls. >> there's one person say man with a rifle and the food court and he shooting people. >> and other reason is there says robert reich will jam when he fired in the food court. though he later fixed it, people had more time to escape. officials say an early investigation shows roberts had no significant criminal in history. they say roberts shot himself in a mall removing the chance for him and asked how he could do this. most people knew dick roberts seemed to be stunned that he did this. france and extra friends describe him as a person was very loud. a popular outgoing 22 year-old who is planning to move to hawaii.
6:17 pm
as a page is revealing more tonight. and one pose the rights i may be young but i have lived one crazy life so far. >> before yesterday the only thing remotely by let about deck of tyler roberts reveals he likes shooting. police say roberts recently stole an ar-15 assault rifle from an acquaintance. we may never know what prompted him to use that weapon, terrorizing a crowded mall while shooting i am the shooter! his ex-girlfriend thousand police she cannot understand the situation and cannot believe these suspect was them. he recently sold all his belongings and plan to move to hawaii. he told is that he'd look missed his she remembers reds as the nonviolent type. his main goal was to laugh, smile and make you feel comfortable. recently he seemed numb.
6:18 pm
roberts has a much it before moving to hawaii was tried to distance himself from gordon. this morning police raided this portland home bleedibelieving this is where he lived. former colleagues said he worked at a local sandwich shop before recently quitting. his facebook page states he attended a local community college. as the facebook photo as a picture stating live your dreams where the crossed out saying cancelled. >> his mother died in childbirth so he never met her and his father was not around. he was at described as an adrenaline junkie on his face with page and told friends he wanted to be a firefighter. >> heavenly members are receipts of the 15 into the snow since midnight tuesday.
6:19 pm
this is video from earlier today snow falling on amounts and skiers on the snow. due to cooler temperatures family has been able to reduce the large is now making system on the west coast. the resort is opening additional to rain this weekend. >> we saw some rain today but that has tapered off. dry conditions expected for tomorrow but rain returning tomorrow afternoon and saturday night. skies are clear this evening and the blast of cold air that came with the storm we will be dealing with very cold conditions and the overnight hours. 30's almost bay area wide so we will see frost and areas of fog tomorrow morning. satellite and radar pictures showing showers have pretty much tapered off. we have a living lingering chance of showers into the evening because of the cloudy the spot off the shore. for tomorrow morning
6:20 pm
out the door it will be buried very cold. 30's and even 29 degrees and napa up. only a couple of low 40's in places like sampras is coverage and in daly city. will be 32 livermore 33 in fairfield and 30 in santa rosa. areas of frost and fog and blaze of light beat north bay and inland valleys. high temperatures tomorrow when not be that much low fifties in the bay area. it will be chilly through the afternoon. it is not too bad right now we have snow on the side of the road and that will be winding down as the overnight hours. there are a few flurries by 11:00 tonight. some are morning it will taper off. we'll see partly cloudy conditions through tomorrow afternoon in the sierra. friday and saturday at the same thing with the dodgers staying in the 30's. a couple of
6:21 pm
resorts in the past 24 hours in tahoe a half a foot of snow. gerbil 12 to 14 in. of rain in terms of forecast friday after known. saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday very active pattern over the next couple of days. stay with us we will be back after this. you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids...
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♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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>> a high-speed car chase in los angeles afternoon. police said the suspect was involved in an armed robbery at a riverside county jewelry store. police say one of the five suspects carjacked as silver sedan and sped through rush-hour traffic. you see this as the driving through residential streets. the suspect gear off the road and almost ran to people on the street. the suspect ran from the car before surrendering to dozens of officers on a baseball field and what is. this all happen in rush
6:25 pm
hour and a residential neighborhood. again, speeding through the streets of loss angeles. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
6:26 pm
of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more.
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so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
6:28 pm
the music festival called outside lands will extend without some ad requirements set by city leaders. details on that coming up, plus actress lindsey lohan to be starting at the new year in the big house. we will have details on the troubled star let's leave it latest legal woes as a judge revoked her probation.
6:29 pm
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6:31 pm
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> in seven sets of the district attorney has now charge for of five suspects and the gag and bound case that left one person dead and another in the hospital. this is the crime scene from sunday when police found a man who had been bound with rope and shot and the neck.
6:32 pm
they also found a woman who had been tied up and gagged with a stock. all four suspects fled not guilty in court today. >> in san jose the alleged killer of missing morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar makes an appearance in court. 21 year-old mansell and garcia thorez enter a formal plea and said nothing except to politely waved is right to a speedy preliminary hearing. garcia thorez also faces additional charges end of attempts kidnapping of women that prior to the kidnapping of sierra lamar. her body has not been found. >> and his bird is swat team was called out to execute to arrest warrants for two suspects wanted in connection to a recent triple shooting in the city. >> keith johnson and the other was the lead anderson.
6:33 pm
philippe anderson is a 20 year-old male that was arrested at this location. kenny johnson is still outstanding, we have an arrest warrant for him and we are actively searching for him. he is also wanted in connection with a shooting that occurred in antioch two years ago. >> another big story in union city the new haven school district is celebrating after winning a multimillion-dollar grant. 29.3 million to be a precise. officials say they will use the money to buy computers. coaches and to enhance and teaches techniques and countless other upgrades. this is one of 16 schools nationwide to win such a large sum. at union cit >> and 7 cisco 0 tide was extremely low this evening. the national weather service said it had to recover from the high tide we experienced this afternoon. the tide
6:34 pm
was at minus 01 0.6. this happens annually and the national weather service says it happens around this time of year and last about two weeks. >> intact as the pope sent its first tweet instantly gains $1 million. the 85 year-old religious leader said an apple ipad 2 used the suite. the assistant tied it out but he pledged the send button. he said i think you for your generous response, i thank bless you from my heart. >> california gov. judd and jerry brown is being treated for prostate cancer. the office made the announcement today. a 74 year-old governor is undergoing radiation treatment. doctors at the university of california's san francisco say the cancer is in its early stages. it is being treated with radiotherapy.
6:35 pm
doctors called the governor's prognosis excellent. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... here we have 38 gary and it's going inbound on of pharaoh and the coach at right now is pretty much stuck. we have a double parked vehicle right on the right screen here you'll see it in a moment. >> you're looking at a video of a double parked vehicle on geary street consensus go. the video was recorded from a muni bus camera like this so the driver will get a $110 to get in the mail. tonight and look at just how you can receive a ticket on the flight and what new bus line now has the cameras. in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> and world news of the
6:36 pm
cells they and japan a from the arctic is causing heavy snowfall there. at stake snow covering roads and cars you can see here is happening mainly on the japan sea side of the country. the snow has disrupted train service, among climbers. japanese officials say westerly winds have been pushing a mass toward japan since last week. >> this is a photograph taken at north star resort and eight more trails will open this weekend. nearly a foot of fresh snow overnight here. it will be the first time this season north star gas will be able to as he talked about in front and back on all of the trails. >> very cold conditions expected into the overnight hours. satellite and radar shows fog the cloud pattern as broad as isolated showers today. it is still off shore but we will keep the mostly clear. the system that brought the rain today is bringing a blast of cold air that will keep temperatures rarely chilly. another thing we will see
6:37 pm
into friday as more rain. let's talk more about tomorrow, cold conditions with the badgers and the 30. 29 and napa 30 and rose at 33 in fairfield 32 in livermore. we'll also see areas of fog and frost so give yourself extra time out the door tomorrow morning. into the afternoon temperatures will not recover that much only low 50s. it will be cold in the morning and chilly in the afternoon. the extent of forecasts shows tomorrow dry but friday afternoon the rain will return. it rained saturday into sunday and again monday and tuesday. a very active weather pattern over the next several days. >> stance as the supervisors extended the outside land accounts are permitting goldman part by eight years. video here is this past summer's concert with the headliners the two fighters metallica and neil young. under the new agreement
6:38 pm
organizers to increase attendance from 50 to 75,000. the loss of the pay more rent to the city, pay more to clean up afterwards and host of an old job fair. is out there is meant to encourage local hires for the event. next year's festival is scheduled for august 9th through the 11th. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years.
6:39 pm
ah! woof! some things will. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids...
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> it looks like former president george w. bush's plan to be a grandpa. bush's daughter, joanna bush maker announced she is due sometime in the spring. she says she is nervous and excited to be expecting her first child. the 31 year-old adds that she always want to be a mother. former president bush says he is fired up about becoming a grandfather. lindsey lohan did not appear at her court hearing today. a loss angeles judge revoked her probation. there's a chance she could go back to jail for eight months. the actors has been on
6:42 pm
probation after pleading no contest to stealing and necklace last year. this misdemeanor charges were filed against low and from a car accident in the summer. she is set to appear at a hearing this january. and remind you can catch all your entertainment news here right on kron4. the insiders are the seven followed by krupp entertainment tonight at 730. the bay area's favorite way to bring in the new year as always with kron4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will be on kron4 is new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. the warriors battle the nba champion miami heat. gary has those highlights straight ahead. plus tom brady and the patriots are talking 49ers as we close and on sundays big matchup. gary has those stories and all those words and next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
i am of the warriors are
6:46 pm
terrific receiving its biggest test as we speak. look around james and the miami heat. going up, will brown takes a tumble landing on his shoulder. what do you think? that guy is tougher than the floor. you say is in a game in the crowd is going crazy. the lead for most of this game but here we go. it the way away boat in the i and he will have to leave the court that he will return for the second half. he has 31 points at this game. i will ask my man what is the score right now? 95 with 131 to go. don't leave kron4. anyone can watch the game, let me tell you about it is tide. you
6:47 pm
>> you always have a special... stayithing (laughter) >> if you are really interested you'll be watching the game. here we are giving our heart and soul. go to kron4 die, if you enjoy it real slight reading as well. bill belichick would not say anything in time ready is sure to follow along. >> we are a very physical football team. well coached and very good fundamentally. we know we have a big challenge in front of us this week. >> it is a lot of challenges and we will have to play our best game. that has been preparing for the last few
6:48 pm
hours. >> when you are that good you could be boring. four weeks after breaking his arm, latest word he did not practice today. very doubtful was sunday's game with the forty-niners. steroids and pro football the subject on capitol hill today. dick but his warning parents >> when i see a mother talking about her kid and i'm trying to talk to a 10 year-old kid and the mother is saying ask them out of the approach and ask him what the eat. i turned to her and say man i don't want to bust your bubble here but little johnny here has about one chance in a million to make it. why don't you just let him play for fun? >> all know he's going to make it >> you have to educate not only the kids and the players but the coaches and parents. we all know that.
6:49 pm
>> that is very heartfelt stuff from butkis for parents who think it there kit will be the one and a million. however you feel is how you feel. islam was imitating circassia williams and i don't think... i'm not into ross nothing. i did not like that. >> i did not like it either, personally. >> meet like said ross of thing is not my thing. sorry uerena... maybe if you had a distinct hairstyle or something would you back in the rear of the fraud?
6:50 pm
hairstyle yes visible characteristic no what's the score? 9520 your stories about tiger woods ex-wife? >> yes she is dating a san jose sharks. >> i'm not going to let this pass. people say they're no longer together but douglas murray of the sharks and i don't know him god bless them but she has almost as construction of a 21,000 square foot mansion. she will have an olympic size pool, quite bonds and spawn. she got 100 million from tiger and is apparently sharing some of it would douglas murmurray. when we
6:51 pm
return one of the great coaches in the bay area high school basketball for over 25 years at the hubble white as been the man. we will talk about his great exploits. he has an interview from 24 years ago. i look the same, will have you aswhoo have you aged! my boy art has been his assistant and we both pay him the same. -- body guard
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
m.i.t. has one of the grades
6:55 pm
donovon blythe and east palo alto before last season he was diagnosed with colon cancer. he went underwent surgery but now bigger and better than ever. he will start the east side coaches burris was the cancer coaches. they will be playing december 27th through 29. nice to have been here yet man. >> you don't have to read the cue cards. it is wanting to just be an example for people who run into tough times but you are starting your own the bed. >> i am just trying to educate everyone that it is important and make sure that you have that exam. >> that is how yours was caught early? >> yes it was caught early.
6:56 pm
>> the july 27, 1929 some of us girls basketball teams in the united states. you also handle the ways and you are in a a new coach with jason kidd and barry davis? >> yes >> what did you teach them? >> i did not teach them anything. (laughter) the >> did you say this guy was going to be something special yvette high school level? >> yes i need a similar special. barron was a great guy. >> sure he's a great guy but if a coach gives them the wrong words he's finished. >> your east side rep team only has seven players. year ranked one of the top three division players teams and the state. how you do that
6:57 pm
with only seven players? >> i asked myself that every day. >> and don and i in 1973. >> i want you to be honest with me. was a last time you got in his face? >> about three or four days ago. (laughter) >> he went to play for arkansas. if you go to our current web site kron4 .com we will have all the information about your baby bad. keep my body guard working.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
anne hathaway is confronted today about her headline making new york wardrobe malfunction. i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> let's just get it out of the way. >> she didn't have any undies

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